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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tips on Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Engaging with customers through the social networks, By Digital Clarity

Great article from the our good friends at Digital Clarity, answering the question on the lips of so many digital marketers today. Can Social Media compliment my marketing strategy? Now you can find out...


Around half of all online advertising spend goes on paid search and Amanda Watlington discussed at SES New York on what these means for hands on executives and entrepreneurs not accustomed to online marketing.

Managing Search Marketing has never been easy and Amanda spent time this year running courses for those with little to no understanding of the process, highlighting not just what the requirements are for a successful campaign but how to manage it correctly.

One of the areas she covered was the use of Social Media as part of the marketing process and that’s a point I wanted to touch upon in this post. Unlike Paid Search it’s a long term strategy that requires forethought and effort – hopefully this article will help you understand it a bit more.

While services like Twitter and Facebook fan pages have taken off in the US many companies still see no value in them or simply aren’t aware they exist. Europe and the rest of the world are further behind, only just starting to incorporate Social Media Optimisation (SMO) into their marketing strategy - engaging with customers on their level by becoming part of their community.

If you consider yourself as a product, you carry out SMO each time you post a message on facebook, make friends on myspace or tweet from your mobile - this I feel is a point marketing managers and entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when engaging in SMO. If you can do it everyday with no trouble there’s no reason why your company can’t.

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